Half-orc rogue


Vorchalla is resourceful, perceptive and surprisingly charming when she needs to be. Probably the result of wrangling four younger siblings, plus her parents.

She’s a fairly human-appearing half-orc. Not slender but not bulky either, her skin is swarthy from much time spent outdoors. Her features are a little heavier than the average human, but aside from a prominent brow and pointy canines, she does ‘pass’. Her hair is thick, dark and coarse. She keeps it wrapped up and out of her face, not really bothering to cut or style it.

Introverted and preferring solitude to crowds, she’s quiet until you get to know her. Very much a young person unsure of her place in the world, but content to wait until she finds it.


Grew up in a Star’s Rest with half-orc parents, who both did odd jobs for the Mercenaries, Medics and Merchants – jobs close to the city that involved carrying, hunting, escorting, foraging etc. She has five siblings, and she is the second oldest.

With a fondness for solitude and a talent for sneaking and archery, Vorchalla found herself hunting outside Star’s Rest quite regularly, making a comfortable amount of money from her exploits.

Not really knowing what to do with her life, and wanting a change of scenery, she surprised her family (and herself) by volunteering to be a part of the expedition to Starfall.

Reynald Hornraven

Cessna Delver

Lurr Bonebreaker
He worked with both her parents, and knows them to be reliable folk. Half orcs in Star’s Rest have a loose community among themselves, so while Lurr has only met Vorchalla a few times, he could be an ally.

Hransa the Burned

Lettie Tomlin

Scribe Kreskett


Starfall Solferino