Though it’s configuration is slightly different everywhere, these are the main groups:

Miners, engineers, crafters and innovators, dwarves love to take things apart and put them back together again, with some surprising improvements. If you show enough aptitude, you can become an honorary Dwarf.

A race of scholars and mystics, Dragonborn value history and knowledge above all else. They will teach anyone how to read and write, but there are Dragonborn-only libraries and repositories, some of which are incredibly secret.

A group made up of all races, these individuals devote themselves to the study of broken bones, leeches, salves, potions and poisons. They provide most of their services for trade or barter.

Just what they sound like, although these are definitely a law-abiding and conscientious lot. Most cities have a small contingent of ‘mercs’ as police, and private security. The mercs will accept anybody with fighting aptitude, and those in the cities are surprisingly intolerant of bullies in their ranks. Outer cities, smaller villages and travelling parties have slightly more lax standards.

Traders, crafters, farmers, seamstresses and even prostitutes make up this guild, arguably the most racially diverse of the lot.

The vast majority of orcs live in small (100-200) communities within the jungles or forest. They travel occasionally, but prefer to keep to themselves, hunting and foraging to meet most of their needs. They are fierce warriors, skilled hunters and can drink Dwarves under the table.


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